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For over a decade, Oliver Properties, a Saint Louis-based property development firm, has been reshaping the local landscape. Our journey began with a commitment to revitalizing our communities, and this dedication has blossomed into a legacy of transformation and excellence. Our team, a dynamic assembly of high achievers, is united by a vision to rejuvenate multifamily, mixed-use, and retail properties, turning untapped potential into vibrant, essential community assets.

We specialize in transforming distressed apartments into modern, energetic communities and revitalizing vacant commercial spaces with businesses that become neighborhood cornerstones. Our projects are ambitious, often those others might shy away from, but we excel in making the extraordinary happen with an extraordinary team.

At Oliver Properties, we operate with a vertically integrated model. This approach allows us to manage every aspect of our projects in-house, from deal acquisition to design, financing, property management, and construction. Our specialized teams — Acquisitions, Investments, Value-Add, Property Management, and Construction — work seamlessly together, ensuring quality and innovation at every step.

But it's not just about what we do; it's also about how we grow. We offer a career environment that evolves as rapidly as the world around us, providing endless opportunities for professional advancement. At Oliver Properties, your career trajectory is limited only by your aspirations. As our company expands each month, so do the opportunities for our team members to thrive and excel.

Join us at Oliver Properties, where your career is more than a job — it's a journey of growth, innovation, and community impact.


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